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Here are some of the great things I have made for sale.  Your support allows me to attend teacher conferences, so please accept my sincere thanks.  --AnneK 

Match pictures and vocabulary in Spanish.  There is no English on the cards. 

Scale difficulty by playing with just a few cards for young kids, or with many pairs for older students. 

 48 cards!  Enough for 3-4 groups of students to play at the same time.  The 24 words are basic, early vocabulary words for elementary students or for Spanish 1 students.

Cards are produced by The Game Crafter and are professional quality card stock, printed beautifully, boxed and wrapped in cellophane prior to shipping.  They are shipped with care and proper packaging.  


More Big Things Are Coming!

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Celeste Frisbee said...

I love your site and am grateful, as a new teacher with very limited resources, that you are so generous to share your ideas and hard work on this blog. With that said, in my excitement for your materials, I purchased the game platillos voladores, and although I think it will be a nice option for class, I was shocked at the final price with shipping and the final product when it arrived. It also came without a packing slip, so my district is not willing to reimburse the purchase. At nearly $40, I feel foolish now having made the purchase. It's nice to have something that is not just cardstock laminated, but at this price I would have preferred to have purchased a download from your TPT store and done the printing myself. The out of pocket yearly reimburseable budget for my all of my classes is $100, so this is disappointing to me.

Anne Karakash said...

Celeste, I hear you and I understand what you are saying about the cost of the game. I too was shocked by how expensive it was to make a my own game. I don't set the price myself; it is set by the printing company. My cut of the sale is about $3, so I promise you that I didn't inflate the cost. If I could order a couple thousand of them, then I would be able to get the price down to a more reasonable number, but when they print them one at a time, it's painfully expensive for a teacher out-of-pocket. I'm sorry you are disappointed; that is the saddest news possible for me. I put my heart into my creations and my hope is that they will be well received and loved. If there is anything I can do to make you feel better, please let me know. Contact me in email and I might be able to offer you something to make you feel like your money was well spent. My gmail is annekarakash. --AnneK

Jamie Martin said...

Hi Anne,

I am a 40 something, mother of 3, Spanish teacher. Do you have the lesson plan for the arpilleras for sale somewhere? This is amazing and my first year teaching SPn4. So incredible!

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