Tuesday, December 13, 2011

El Tablón de Anuncios

There is a bulletin board outside my classroom that has been unused for most of this year.  There was a poster advertising a school dance and one promoting a school trip to China, but that was about it.  So I decided to take it upon myself to decorate it and to put a little seasonal cheer up there for everyone to enjoy.

I wanted it to be seasonal but not so heavily Christmas as to exclude people who celebrate other holidays this time of year, so I chose the legend of the poinsettia as a theme.  That way it is educational, cultural, and seasonal all at once!  I made the paper poinsettias with one of my classes, then I printed the legend and put up silver wrapping paper as a background.  (I had wanted gold but silver was all the drugstore had that day.)  Then I added the poinsettia garland to the top and the bottom and voila!  It sure is better than looking at an old cork board every day.

And the really nice thing is that I had a couple of teachers comment and a few others send emails to let me know they appreciated the effort.  Knowing that I made a couple of people smile makes me feel warm and happy.

Hasta pronto,



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