Monday, November 26, 2012


I have let this blog sit for awhile for a couple of reasons.  I was feeling discouraged because no one seemed interested in stopping by and reading.  I suppose I need to continuously put up quality material and practice patience - so that is my goal for the new year.  The other reason is that I was finishing up grad school.  I hope to tell you in another couple weeks that my paper has been accepted and that I have passed.  In the meantime, my fingers are crossed and I am secure in the knowledge that I did my best work.

I have begun a small side business over at Teachers Pay Teachers, selling some of my lesson plans and my artwork.  I figure this is a good forum to share that work with others.  I hope, if you are reading this, you will take a moment to stop by and maybe you will consider supporting me.

Here is a link to my Holiday Backgrounds for PowerPoint.  They are a bargain for $5.00 because each image is less than ¢15.  It's what you'd pay for a fancy cup of coffee . . . right?

The images are made for slides, so you will have plenty of room to write lots of text.  Additionally, most of the images come in sets of two - one title slide (like the image above) with a large graphic and one regular slide with smaller graphics and more room for text.

And, as an extra, people who order and leave me a comment here to let me know what they think, will be emailed a bonus pack.  Hooray!  (You will have to leave me your email address for me to mail the bonus pack to you.  But, worry not.  I have no mailing list or anything like that.)

I had a successful Thanksgiving lesson that did well last week, and this coming week I have a seasonal lesson on las posadas in the works - and another one on el Día de los Reyes Magos.  More news on those when I finish.

Hasta pronto,



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