Monday, December 10, 2012

Para Estudiar Los Verbos

I admit that I love grammar; it's no secret.  My friends and my students give me that askance look when I talk about it, as though appreciating the rules of the language is something akin to liking having your blood drawn at the doctor's office.

I try to keep things simple for my students.  They do not share my love for structure so I try not to bore them with long explanations and complicated drills.  Textbooks these days are very light on structure - something I think is a mistake, but I acknowledge that there are differing opinions out

Here we are in exam season again: midterms for those of us on traditional schedules and finals for those on block schedules.  And, as I was pouring through my files, I came across this verb organizer that I created for my students.  The idea is to have all the tenses in one place so they don't have to page through their notes and look for them.  This particular organizer is for Spanish II; it includes present tense, preterite, imperfect, and future.  I didn't have room for conditional tense but, if I'm perfectly honest with you, I often fail to get that far in the textbook most years.

I hope you find a use for it but, perhaps more importantly, I hope your students find a use for it.

Hasta Pronto,



Elisa said...

Just downloaded it. Thanks!

Anne K said...

I'm glad you found something you can use, Elisa. I hope it works well for you! <3 --AnneK

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