Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Demasiado Enfema

My school is on a modified year-round calendar and we track-out every nine weeks for three weeks of vacation, which can be such a relaxing and restful time.  Winter track-out is my favorite because I'm recovering from midterm exams and pressures and because I have the holidays to look forward to.  My mother, who lives in my house, was struck with the flu in mid December and my three-year-old son also caught it.  And this year's version of the flu is especially bad - so the house was filled with miserable people, coughing, and complaints instead of the Ho Ho Ho I've come to expect at the holidays.

To make matters worse, on Christmas Eve I felt a bladder infection coming on and I wasn't able to ward it off with water consumption alone.  I held out as best as I could, but finally had to go the the urgent care at about 4 pm on Christmas Day - the only doctor's office open in all the city.  It was a long and uncomfortable wait and I was told that, in addition to the infection, I also had glucose in my sample and would need to see my primary care physician to get a test done for diabetes.

The next day I was in Dr. Nigalye's office getting my blood sugar tested.  The good news is that neither the sample I gave that day nor the blood drawn for the long-term test showed any sign of high blood sugar.  But the bad news is that, no matter what I did, the symptoms of the bladder infection wouldn't go away.  I did a course of Cipro and then another course of another antibiotic and I drank water with religious devotion.  My symptoms lessened and became manageable as long as I kept drinking large quantities of water, but they never went away.  And Heaven forbid I should skip a glass of water!  I would be in immediate pain again.

The track-out was spent surrounded by illness - that of others and eventually my own.  My doctor could not find anything in my sample and has referred me to a urologist.  In the meantime I've gotten the worst cold of my life - no exaggeration.  I'm on day ten of it now and still have a cough and sinus congestion.  I've missed three days of work here at the beginning of the spring semester and I'm just sick and tired of being sick and tired now.

Those plans for making Christmas art?  Nope.

Lesson plans for the first weeks of school?  No.

Clever things to share here?  Nada.

Unit plans for sale on Teachers Pay Teachers?  Didn't happen.

Christmas cookies and other baked good?  No, but my mom took up the slack for me.

Blah, blah blah!

I have my appointment with the urologist tomorrow.  Hopefully he will know what to do and will have good news for me.  *fingers crossed*

Hasta pronto amigos,



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