Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fin De Semana Largo

Amigos, I can't speak for you but I am really looking forward to this coming long weekend.  Not the way you normally look forward to a long weekend, but with the sort of desperate instability that comes from weeks of having fit too many responsibilities into too few hours in the day.

I'm stressed and I'm not handling it as well as I usually do . . . something about not having my daily work routine down yet.  Usually by week two or three I know exactly what needs to be done and when so that everything runs as it is supposed to, but my schedule this year just isn't conforming to my attempts to regulate it.  I feel like this cat . . .

I thought a long weekend picture might put a smile on my students' faces tomorrow, so I went online to find one.  I actually found quite a few, so I thought I would share them here.  These were all found in the wilds of the Internet and none of them are of my own making.

I do hate when people fail to use the opening exclamation mark.

 I also happened across a page or two of advertizements for excursions and hotels.  Here are a couple, just in case you want them as realia for a long weekend lesson.

And last but not least, a poster from what looks to be the worst movie ever.  I cannot imagine what educative purpose there could be for such a thing.  Maybe students can talk about what they don't want to do on their long weekend . . . or what the heck is depicted on this poster . . . or maybe what the plot of this movie could possibly be?  (Fun vocabulary: attack buzzard, crazed expression, faces aglow with radiation, talons of death . . . )

Have a great long weekend, mis amigos.  I hope you take advantage of every moment, and don't let the hovering vulture of doom get you.

Hasta pronto,



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