Monday, May 26, 2014

Repaso del Año - Español 2

I put together a year-end review for my Spanish II students.  They have their final exams coming up later this week and next week.  I wanted to make sure they have all the topics in one place so that they know what to study.

I did not link most of the vocabulary topics because the students have access to them in Dropbox, but I found links to online practice activities for many of the grammar topics on Quia.

Since every Spanish II course is a little bit different from the next, I doubt the document will be of extensive use to you as it is.  But the list of topics, the links to online practice, and the speaking/writing prompts might be of some use.  Feel free to take it, look it over, and build upon it to meet your own needs.  I am putting this up in an editable Doc format so that you can use it and make changes to reflect your own vocabulary topics, grammar topics, and speaking/writing prompts.

Click the image above or click here to download the file.

I am not teaching Spanish 1 or 3 this year, so I haven't made study guides for them.  Maybe next year!

Hasta pronto, amigos.



Karen Irizarry said...

Thank you, Anne! What textbook do you use...Realidades?

And I'm not sure where to post this, but I read your profile, and this struck a cord with me: " What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday? Think about it and live in gratitude." Thank you for this!

Anne K said...

Karen, Yes, we use Realidades but I only got through unit 5 in the book because I did a lot of material outside the book too. Does anyone get through the whole book? I'd be amazed and in awe of anyone that did.

And wow . . . you actually read my profile? I feel very honored and I'm glad that you found something there that was meaningful to you. I am big on gratitude - it honestly changes your life. When you take time to think about all the great things around us, there is no time to be grumpy or jealous. <3 --AnneK

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