Monday, July 27, 2015

Los Números

Oh, Spanish 1 . . . it's so much fun to talk about numbers, colors, and days of the week.  No furrowed brows of frustration with pluperfect subjunctive, no tears cried at the overly-complicated rules of commands, no howls of protest over sequence of tenses - just straightforward vocabulary at its finest.  Grammar will come, as it always must, but for now we have a little bit of time to amass vocabulary and focus on speaking and listening.

 Los Números Power Point by AnneK on Confesiones y Realidades Blog

I have put together a PowerPoint that shows the numbers - in order and out of order, so that they can be practiced flashcard-style in class.  I made this PowerPoint originally for my community college class, but it is very simple and it works well at any age.

Feel free to use, remake, reorder, or whatever works well for you.

Hasta pronto,



hks said...


First of all, I want to say how much I enjoy your blog. I love your creative ideas and tips for the classroom! This sounds like a great PowerPoint presentation. I was wondering if it would be possible to have access to the PowerPoint. I thought maybe it was attached to the picture, but it isn't. I wasn't sure if we needed to order it from you or not.

Again, thanks for all your ideas and posts!

Anne Karakash said...

Aha! I have fixed my comments issue and I can now read my blog comments again. Yay!!

I thank you for your kind words and I'm always very happy to hear that I've provided some sort of help or ideas to my fellow Spanish teachers in the world.

Thanks too for letting me know that I had forgotten to link the PowerPoint. It should be working correctly now.


hks said...

Thank you!

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