Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Brujita de Halloween - Partes del Cuerpo

I needed a labelling activity featuring the parts of the body and I wanted something appropriate for the season - not that dreadful blurred-out androgynous body that I so often see on these sorts of activities.  So when I found this adorable little Halloween witch, I decided she would be perfect.

Adorable Halloween witch to label with body parts in Spanish - Free activity from AnneK at Confesiones y Realidades Blog

One thing you will surely notice (if you are as OCD as me) is that the lines are not perfectly horizontal . . . for reasons that continue to elude me, Microsoft Word simply would not let me level them completely.  Heaven knows I tried.  But they are certainly close enough.

There is a word bank at the bottom of the sheet so student will remember their accent marks and tildes over the Ñ.

I hope it is useful to you and, as always, it would be great to hear from you.

PS:  Since I was on the subject of Halloween witches, there is also this fabulous funny I had to translate to Spanish.

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Emily Edman said...

I would love to download this worksheet but it says it is no longer available in Dropbox. How may I obtain a copy of this? I love it for Halloween. Thank you. Great work and resource!!

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