Thursday, February 27, 2014

Descuento de 20%

There is a big sale going on today and tomorrow (February 27-28) at Teachers Pay Teachers and I'm taking part.  Everything in my store will be on sale at a discounted 20% off - including my brand new Weather Mini Unit with Geography, Science, and Math Connections.

If you've ever downloaded something of mine here for free and you found yourself feeling grateful and appreciative, please do me the honor of stopping by my store to see what I have for sale.  I put all my love into my products and create the kinds of things that I can feel proud of and can use in my own classes.  So I sincerely believe that anything of mine you buy there will serve you well for years to come.

The money I get from TPT goes into a special travel fund so that I can attend conferences.  I was hoping to go to Panama City this summer to attend the national AATSP conference.  I would so love to see the Panama Canal and take pictures of all kinds of things to share online, but I'm going to be shy of my goal.  But that's okay!  I'm not going to get gloomy about it or anything.  I'll keep saving for next year and who knows!  But every little bitty bit helps, so know that I am grateful for anything you purchase.

Hasta pronto, amigos.



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