Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Expresiones Con Tener

Oh those expressions with tener!  The concept of idiomatic expressions is difficult for many language learners.  I recall being a middle schooler myself and being shocked when I first learned that one could not simply translate things word for word in the exact order.  It was an eye-opener!

However, in my experience, most students can get their heads around wildly imaginative words and phrases being different from language to language.  They generally don't expect unusual phrases to be direct translations.

It's raining to beat the band.  ( ≠ Lovía para derrotar a la banda.)
She looked like death warmed over.  ( ≠ Se veía como la muerte recalentada.)
That's my two cents.  ( ≠ Son mis dos centavos.)
It came out of the clear blue.  ( ≠ Vino del azul claro.)

Sometimes though, I find that it is even more difficult for students to get the concept of idiomatic expressions that are close.  I think I might have to be hauled off to an asylum  if I hear "tener divertido" one more time.  Ja ja ja.


The expressions with tener are one of those things that are perennial problems for my students and I don't think most textbooks give them enough time and attention.  I think a lot of fun activities can be done with these expressions like charades, drawings, skits.  But as a review I put together a brief Power Point with clip art.

I do not own the license to any of the clip art in the file.  It is used here simply for educational purposes.

Click here to download the file, or click on the picture above.

As always, it would be great to hear from you if you download the file or use it in your class.

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