Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Actividad de Comprensión

I like to use videos in my classroom, when appropriate.  One great time to utilize video is during the cooking/food unit - whenever that may occur in your textbook.  In Conexiones it is chapter 8 and my High Intermediate students will be watching an authentic video tomorrow of a recipe for Camarones Ahumados con Chipotle with Ingrid Hoffmann. 


I am not certain how many of my readers out there teach a Spanish IV, V, or AP class - but I figured it couldn't hurt to share the activity here in case it might be of any use to you.  With some good scaffolding, you probably could do this with a talented Spanish III class.  If nothing else, it will give you some thoughts on how you might want to structure a video watching guide.  After all, you want them actively listening and comprehending - not just putting the video on in the background.

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