Saturday, October 4, 2014

FLANC 2014

I just dragged myself home after a whirlwind weekend of language, learning, and loving!  The FLANC Conference was awesome!  It is so exhilarating to get out of the usual routine and to reconnect with my love of the Spanish language and my love of teaching.

If you have never been to a conference because it's too expensive or because you are too busy, I beg you to reconsider and to make it a priority.  Put a little money and some time aside so that you can go.  There is an amazing synergy that happens when so many dedicated and motivated professionals get together and share their ideas and their knowledge.  The energy is almost tangible.

I made a funny little meme to share with you . . .

Ha!  It's not too much of an exaggeration.  I have so many new ideas in my head that I can't wait to get started . . . but I will have to, because I have been going strong for two and a half days powered only on caffeine, sugar, and excitement.

I hope to have some time to post about all these great tools and ideas I got in the coming weeks.

Hasta entonces, amigos . . . 



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