Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Amapolas Para La Conmemoración

Veterans' Day is a week past now, and I am finally finding a free moment to share an idea with you.  The idea was not mine though, it was the inspiration of one of my colleagues who teaches French.

In Europe, and elsewhere to a lesser extent, it has become traditional to honor veterans of war with poppies.  The tradition began in France around the end of World War I and has grown in momentum over the years.  So, to acknowledge Veterans' Day, my colleague spoke to all of us in the foreign language department and the arts department about having our students make paper poppies. 

The idea was to have a field of poppies that would be a beautiful memorial to our veterans - and I think it turned out great.

Some folks are not naturally crafty so I decided to put together a set of instructions for those who might want to do this project themselves for a future Veterans' Day celebration.  It has written instructions, visual instructions, a template to follow, and reference photos (for those people who like to be precise).  Click here to download a PDF of the instructions or click on the image below.

 If you make poppies with your students, I would love to hear from you!  Send pictures or leave comments.  It's great to stay in touch, amigos.

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