Sunday, November 2, 2014

Feliz Noviembre

November again?  I know it is not just me, but November always makes me feel as though time is passing too quickly.  I look at my pacing guide and see where I am . . . sigh.  I look at the calendar and see that midterm exams, semester grades, and Christmas are coming up fast.

Still, there is beauty in November - at least toward the beginning before winter's grasp has taken hold.  And, here in North Carolina, there are spectacular fall colors that continue to awe us in the first weeks of November.

I am not much of a photographer.  It's a sad skill to lack when one is a blogger, but it is the truth.  I'm handy with a paintbrush, with crafty things, and with decorations.  I put up one heck of a bulletin board, but photography . . . not so much.  So the following pictures are not ones I shot myself.  They are ones I found online and I tacked November phrases onto them.  (Photoshop I can do!)  But I thought they would make a nice addition to my lessons this month, so I figured I would share them here with you.

Feliz noviembre, amigos.  Que cada persona deje que el corazón llene de gratitud y los ojos de los brillantes colores de esta magnífica estación.

Hasta pronto,



michelle metcalfe said...

Feliz noviembre, Anna! And thank you for your inspirational slides, not just for November, but also for the Ofrenda. I really enjoyed your tips and ideas for setting up the Ofrenda in class - I am late, just getting it up for today, but ni modo! The students are excited to work on it and I will show them some of your ideas. Muchas gracias por inspirarme siempre, me encanta tu blog! I am looking forward to reading more over the coming weeks!

Have a wonderful day and thank you again!


Anne Karakash said...

Qué linda eres, Michelle. Thank you so much for reading and for your kind words. I'm glad to hear that you were able to put up an ofrenda - late or otherwise. I bet your students will love it and will have great memories of your Spanish class because of the kinds of things you do to bring the culture to them.

It means a lot to me that you take time to leave positive comments here. I started this blog to share ideas and to get to know people like yourself, so thank you.

~un abrazo~


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