Thursday, October 17, 2013

Saludos Desde FLANC

(I see now that I wrote this last weekend and forgot to upload it.  Ooops!  Here it is now.)

Today I have the great pleasure of writing to you from the FLANC conference in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  FLANC is the Foreign Language Association of North Carolina, and though I have been a member for years, until now I've never had the opportunity to attend the conference.  I have attended two workshops already where I have learned a tremendous amount about technology and motivational strategies for students.

Until this afternoon, I had though I was a fairly advanced user of educational technology, but there is so much new tech out there that it boggles the mind!  If you go for more than a few months without staying on the leading edge of technology, you will find that you're out of date. 

I had the pleasure of attending a workshop with Bobby Hobgood and I was so impressed with everything we looked at this afternoon and I am abuzz with ideas and possibilities.  He had more material than we could possibly get through in the 3-hour session so I have a lot more great stuff to go over in my free time.  I promise to share here as soon as I've sorted through everything.

I haven't chosen my sessions for tomorrow yet, but there are a lot of tempting ones on the schedule so the hardest part will be making the decision of which ones to attend.

Hasta pronto,


Follow Up: I attended a session on maximizing student on-task time that was filled with good ideas, some of which I already use.  I also attended a session on universal design and how to make my lessons more accessible to my students with disabilities which, interestingly enough, makes lessons better for everyone across the board.  (A powerful idea!).  Lastly I went to a session about creativity in the classroom and learned something very, very important.  It has to do with the five Cs and I'll share it with you in a few days.  I promise!  :-)


The Gifted Gabber said...

I love the euphoric feeling of attending a teaching conference - learning new teaching strategies and picking up new ideas. Unfortunately, I always feel so inspired while at the conference, but once I get back into my routine of being stretched too thin and feeling overwhelmed, I fall short of implementing many of the new ideas. I'm sure you will do a better job of this than me! Can't wait to see what you have to share!

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