Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Platillos Voladores

Amigos, I'm very excited to show you my latest creation: Platillos Voladores - A Spanish Vocaculary Game.  This is an original creation from beginning to end and I'm so happy with how it came out.  I designed and produced this game from scratch, which is to say that it is not another game dressed up in Spanish.

I originally made this game as a big vocabulary review when we had a midterm exam come up.  I typed up the vocabulary, printed it on card stock and cut out the cards by hand.  My students played it and it was a big hit.  When I got the bright idea of adding in wild cards with game effects, the game really took off and now my students literally beg me to play it.

I showed off the final commercial version of the game to my students this week and they were thrilled.  They were so proud to be a part of the playtesting process and they treated me like I was some sort of VIP.  (I must admit that I enjoyed that.)

So, it's here now and I have the pleasure of telling you all about it.  Basically this is a game in which players want to get rid of all the cards in their hand by playing them into the proper categories (ex. Lápiz goes into Materiales, Gris goes into Colores, and Cien goes into Números).  The categories are on plates (platillos) that rotate around the circle, bringing a different category to a player each round.  There are wild cards that have fun effects like making all your opponents draw a card, trading your hands with another player, and changing the rotation of the plates.  Players keep an eye on each other because if a card is played into the wrong category and an opponent points it out, they get to give one card from their hand to the erring player.  Sometimes I instate the rule that students must give a definition or an example when they play a card - to get them speaking.  Other times, I just let them play fast-paced and fun. 

I chose seven Spanish 1 vocabulary topics and I will add more to an expansion pack soon.  I think I will also create some blank cards so that teachers can create their own vocabulary categories that match the base set.  You can see the categories in the photo below.

I'm very pleased with this!  If you are interested in possibly purchasing one for your classroom, you can look closer and purchase at Game Crafter.  In fact, you could create your own game there too.  It's a lot of work, but it is fun work that makes you feel accomplished and impresses the heck out of your students.

Hasta pronto, amigos.



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