Thursday, October 29, 2015

¡Que Se Levanten y Se Muevan!

I recently returned from the 2015 FLANC conference, which was a lot of fun and very restorative.  One of the things I got to thinking about while I was there are ways to get my students more physically involved in their learning.  Kinethetic learning is a good thing.  It keeps students alert, assures that everyone is participating, and it changes up the routine from time to time.

I got a couple of really good ideas, one of which I'm going to share with you today.  This is an activity that works well when students are first exposed to new vocabulary and are not yet comfortable enough to communicate with it yet.

The basic idea is to offer a choice to the students: ¿Qué te gusta más, el chocolate o el vainilla?  Then students will gather on one side of the classroom or the other to show their support for the one they choose.  In my case, I used a Power Point with pictures and the words written in Spanish.  Arrows pointed them in the direction to go.  Once kids get with their groups, discussion is certain to ensue and you will have to be fast to provide them with Spanish so that they can stay in the language to every extent possible.

¿Qué Te Gusta Más? Power Point by AnneK at Confesiones y Realidades

My vocabulary was loosely based on 3A in Realidades 1, which is breakfast and lunch foods.  I had to add in some extra words, so this doesn't match up perfectly and if you want to use it in your classroom you will have to make some adjustments.  You can download the file here or you can click on the image above.

Of course, teens do not like to be cubbyholed so I had to provide vocabulary such as Me gustan los dos.  And Depende de la situación.

My personal favorite part of this activity, besides all the great conversation it generated, was the final part in which I gave my students a blank slide and had them pick their own two vocabulary terms to contrast.  They picked the words, found pictures, and I am picking a selection of them to share with the class on Friday.  They seem to be excited and some are already urging me to pick their slide to share.  It should be fun!

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