Monday, October 12, 2015

Sopa de Palabras - El Otoño

¡Hola amigos!  Fall break has come to an end and the students filed back into class today with all the enthusiasm of oral surgery.  It was grim during first period, let me tell you!

It occurred to me that the students might need to ease themselves back into the school routine gradually.  So I decided to give them a bit of a break today with a puzzle.  And I encouraged them to sit and chat with their friends as they worked.

This seemed to do the trick.  Grumpy faces softened into smiles, they sought out their friends, and they sat down together to conquer the puzzle and to get caught up with one another after three weeks of break.

I share the Spanish 1 puzzle with you today.  Click on the picture or click here to download it.

It's nothing special at all - but if you are looking for a gap-filler activity or a small distraction, this might fit the bill.

I also had my students do a little conjugation activity in which they had a maple leaf template that was colored and cut out.  Each point on the leaf had a subject pronoun and students wrote their verb in the middle.  They bent down each leaf to write the conjugation on the other side.

It looked a little like this:

 I thought I might make a cute bulletin board display with all the fall leaves on it, but I got some interesting leaves in colors not commonly seen in nature.  Ja ja ja . . .

The above is not a link.  It's just an example since I got the idea from another teacher; I don't want you to think that I made this one up myself.  She calls herself The Traveling Classroom and her leaf has a happy face on it and is much cuter than my above example.  You can get a copy of the template and do the activity in your own classroom by clicking this link.  She has another leaf template and a lot of really cool hands-on activities for Spanish class also.

And that's going to do it for me today.  I'm exhausted, of course.  Mondays are never easy.  Mondays after a three-week break are brutal.

Hasta pronto,



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