Sunday, December 15, 2013

Vocabulario de la Navidad

I recently posted a Power Point of Thanksgiving vocabulary that was very popular here and on Pinterest, so it occurred to me to create one for Christmas vocabulary as well.  I found some great pictures and I think it turned out very good.  Click here or click the picture below to download it.

Picking out the right vocabulary to use is always a challenge.  For this particular Power Point, I chose to focus on vocabulary that pertains to Christmas as it is understood by most people in North America.  The purpose of this is to give students vocabulary to talk about their own traditions and celebrations, so that they can communicate with others in Spanish.

I made a Power Point about Christmas (and other December & January holidays) as they are celebrated in the Spanish-speaking world and it is available for sale at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  That one is much longer and more detailed than this one (130 slides as opposed to 25), and it focuses on culture rather than vocabulary.  I encourage you to take a look at it and consider purchasing it as a complement to your other holiday activities.

I hope this Christmas vocabulary Power Point is useful to you.  I hope your students enjoy it and that it enables them to talk about the holidays in Spanish.

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