Thursday, January 23, 2014

Luddy Outcome: Problem Solving

In my classroom we have been focusing on the Luddy Outcome of problem solving lately, but the trick is to work these Luddy Outcomes into my lesson plans in a way that supports the curriculum.  Most of the time that is easy enough to do because I can just discuss the issue in Spanish, but it is not ideal because I always have to wonder how much of what I'm explaining is really getting through.

I am always questing for ways to work these things into my lessons in creative, fun, and Spanish ways.  Spanish II is reviewing food vocabulary and preterite tense right now so it occurs to me that it might be fun to create a logic puzzle in Spanish that uses our vocabulary.  I also threw in ordinal numbers because my students never seem to ever really learn them. 

Cuatro niños (Gabriela, María, Ignacio y Simón) ayudan a su abuela hacer una sopa.  Cada uno trajo un ingrediente diferente (carne, sal, zanahorias, y papas).  ¿Quién trajo cada ingrediente y en qué orden los pusieron en la sopa?

1)   Las niñas trajeron verduras. 
2)   María llegó tarde, así fue la última de poner su ingrediente en la sopa 
3)   El segundo ingrediente no fue la carne. 
4)   Simón puso su ingrediente en la sopa después de Gabriela. 
5)   El primer ingrediente fue las papas. 
6)   Simón puso su ingrediente en la sopa después de la sal.

The puzzle is not especially difficult.  The tricky part (for the students) is understanding it in Spanish.  

I've posted the answer below, but it's in white so you can't see it.  Highlight it to reveal it.


Primera: Gabriela - Papas

Segundo: Ignacio - Sal       

Tercero: Simón - Carne

Cuarta: María - Zanahorias

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Profe Netcoh said...

What a great idea! I noticed what I think is a typo in the puzzle though, should the first "Simón" (puso su ingrediente en la sopa después de Gabriela), actually be Ignacio? The two "Simón"s confused me a bit. Thought I would mention it just in case!

Anne K said...

Thanks for reading, Profe. I really appreciate it! Looking back over the puzzle, I'm fairly certain the clues are correct, if a bit repetitive. I wrote them for a mid-year Spanish II class and I didn't want to make them too complicated, so they are fairly basic. And, in the case of Simón, a bit repetitive. <3 --AnneK

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