Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Superhéroes - Hoja de Diversión

I saw this little superhero graphic on Pinterest the other day and I had a good time showing off my knowledge to my husband, who is the real superhero fan of the household.  Although I didn't guess Cyclops (middle left), he was still proud of me.

It occurred to me that my students might enjoy the same challenge.  And then, because I'm a teacher, it occurred to me to build an activity out of it!

It has superhero knowledge that some of your students will know and others will not so, if they do not have access to a place to look it up, you might have to put some scaffolding in place for them.

Click here to download the activity. It is appropriate for Spanish I (midyear) or Spanish II.

I like to think these little activities of mine are entertaining and not tedious.  Personally, I always liked it when my teachers got out of the textbook and did things that linked to the world around me.  There are some graphic organizers, some labeling, some sorting and (of course) lots of Spanish!

Unleash your superhero, amigos!

Hasta pronto,



Karen Irizarry said...

Muchas gracias, Anne!

Anne K said...

Es un gran placer, Karen. Ojalá que la hoja te sirva. :-)

Señorita Wright said...

I have been trying to figure out what to do with testing days. About half of my students will be gone and I can't do anything new or take any test grades. This is PERFECT!!! I think I probably had more fun guessing who they were than the kids will.

Anne K said...

I'm so glad you found this useful, Srta. Wright! I did the exact same thing with it this week when students had the ACT. I only got to see 5th period for about 15 minutes so I gave them this activity to occupy themselves (and assigned the last page as extra credit). Fifteen minutes is not enough time to start something new but too much time to waste, you know? <3 AnneK

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