Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Formación del Subjuntivo - Sub Lesson

I was called on the phone one day last week and told that I had to come get my son from school - pink eye, it turns out.  It required a doctor's visit and there was no one available that day to take him except for me.  That meant that I was away at a moment's notice and sub plans were needed.

I had lesson plans for the day, of course.  But I cannot expect a last-minute substitute to be proficient in Spanish or able to provide my students with a proper review of the present subjunctive.  And my so-called "emergency lesson plans" are just one step above busy work.  Sure, they are about Spanish and they are relevant in a way . . . but we were preparing to go on spring track-out and I didn't want to waste time with busy work.  We are reviewing for the National Spanish Exam and they needed something that would help prepare them for that - not just keep them in their seats and quiet for 50 minutes.

I put this review of present subjunctive together on the fly while I waited for my son's doctor's appointment.  It is nothing fancy or inspiring.  There is no cultural context and there is nothing very clever about it.  But it fit the bill perfectly for my emergency need.  I wanted my students to review the present subjunctive forms - regulars, irregulars, and tricky CAR-GAR-ZAR verbs.

Here it is, in case you have an emergency and need a practice for your students.  Heck, put it in your emergency sub folder, if you like.  The sub can copy it and hand it out, even if (s)he doesn't speak a lick of Spanish.

I put a mystery phrase into the puzzle too - trying to be funny or clever, I suppose.  It is La clase de español es fantástica.  Students who have correctly filled out the rest of the puzzle will have 10 of the 27 letters in the phrase.  Several of mine did indeed figure it out on their own, so it's not impossible.  And, in case you or your substitute need it, I'm providing the answer key too.

I do hope that you don't have any need for emergency lesson plans.  But, at least for me, it seems like something or another comes up about once per semester - so it is always good to have something on hand.

Hasta pronto,



jennifer said...

Thank you for posting this! I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your blog. You post so many great and practical and useful ideas for a Spanish classroom. I pin so many of your posts for future reference on pinterest! Thank you so much for your hard work! :)

Anne Karakash said...

Jennifer, How sweet of you! I'm so grateful to have readers like yourself and for us to get the opportunity to share with each other. I saw you followed me on Pinterest so I followed you back (at least I think you are the same Jennifer that followed me). I'm always happy to hear that people like the things I'm putting online and I hope they prove to be helpful to you and your students. ~big hugs~ --AnneK

jennifer said...

It's me! I saw you followed me on pinterest! 😄

Unknown said...

Muchísimas gracias Jennifer por compartir esta actividad!

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