Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sol, Solecito, Caliéntame Un Poquito

I'm thinking of warmer weather today and I'm taking a moment to appreciate the sunshine as it streams through my window.

This little rhyme is traditional and it has such a positive feeling to it that I can't help but smile.  Additionally, it is actually a nice little teaching tool.  We have some very basic vocabulary that beginning students may already know: sol, un poquito, hoy, mañana, toda la semana.  It also gives us the chance to talk about diminutives: solecito, poquito. 

So I found some stock photography and made a little graphic to share with my beginners' class on Thursday.  Ironically, it is supposed to rain all day Thursday.  Such is my luck.

I hope, wherever you might be, that you are emerging from the grip of winter into spring's gentle embrace.  ¡Qué linda es la primavera!

Hasta pronto,



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