Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tarjetas Con Los Interrogativos

¡Hola Amigos!  I realized my Thursday beginners' class needed some extra practice with the interrogatives last week, so I decided to put together some cards for them to use in today's class.  I figured I would share them here, even though they are easy to make, just in case someone out there can use them.  Download the Spanish Interrogatives Flash Cards here.

I used these in class as a memory matching game and a game (with no name) that involves grabbing the correct card faster than your partner.  In order to play Memory with these cards, I had to print them on separate sheets.  However, I mirrored the cards so that you could print them front/back in order to use them as flash cards.  If your copy machine is good, they should line up correctly - just make sure not to print one side upside down or they won't line up right at all.

My goal today was to focus on the meaning of the words, not the grammar.  For that reason I did not include the plural quiénes or cuáles.  And, I did not include any of the inflected forms of cuánto.  Nor did I include de dónde because it really is not a separate word or a separate idea in my mind.  There will be time for us to hammer out the grammar specifics of the inflected forms of the interrogatives soon enough. 

I did include the word hay - even though it is not technically an interrogative.  My beginning students never ever seem to remember the word hay in the long term and it is so important.  Furthermore, it is one of the first ways they learn to form questions, so I put it in the stack as an extra review.  If you want to leave it out, that will not offend me in the slightest.

And, on a completely different topic, I'm still loving the spring.  It was 72 degrees here today!  (That's 22 degrees for my friends from around the world.)  So I found a lovely little quote together with some stock photography and presto - classroom graphic.

I downloaded about a dozen new fonts today because I'm feeling the graphic design monkey on my back, so I'm likely to have more classroom graphics in the coming days.

Feliz viernes, amigos.  ¡Que tengan un lindo fin de semana!

Hasta pronto,



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