Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Antes de las Vacaciones

I saw this funny cartoon over at Zambombazo today and had to chuckle a little bit.  I must say that some of the internet memes leave me scratching my head and wondering what I'm looking at - and the art is really awful, but I suppose the fact that it is so iconic is what makes it popular.  (Well, that is my theory anyway.)

I had not intended to blog about this today.  Instead I was going to pin the cartoon up at Pinterest, but I tried to pin it five times without success.  I don't know if they have an anti-pin script going on over there or what.  Maybe it's an issue of bandwidth?  Regardless, I downloaded the picture myself and figured I would give them credit here for it.

One of the great things about the Zambombazo site is that they put up activities to accompany the videos and images they share.  There is an activity to go along with this cartoon that includes a list of related vocabulary and a creative writing prompt.  What a great way to get students writing!  So much better than those ridiculous prompts in textbooks and workbooks.  You know the ones I'm talking about . . . You and your grandmother are in the supermarket.  Tell her all the things you want to buy and what aisles they can be found in.  (Really?  Is that the best you have got?  And why would I talk to my grandmother in Spanish anyway?)

I'm lucky that I teach at a year-round school.  My students won't have forgotten all their Spanish over the abbreviated summer vacation.  We'll be back in school mid July with most of our Spanish intact - I hope.

Hasta Pronto,



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