Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Coca-Cola: Todos Llevamos Un Héroe Dentro

Like most people, I dislike commercials for the most part.  Though I understand the necessity, I don't like them interrupting my programing or making me wait interminably to see what happens next on my show.  But once in awhile a commercial makes me laugh or smile and I don't mind so much.  Rarer still are those commercials that actually make me think and reflect on life.

Coca-Cola is running an excellent series of commercials in South America that are the kinds that I really like.  They are uplifting and inspiring, and they make me feel much better about the world we live in.

These commercials are great for us Spanish teachers for a couple of reasons.  Besides being short and easy to fit into the last couple minutes of a lesson, they are an excellent way to teach character at the same time you teach Spanish.  Additionally, the Spanish comes up on the screen in large print and this makes it easy to pause the video and discuss.  And lastly, the commercials speak to universal topics - the desire to believe in others and the goodness that dwells in us all.

The picture above links to the Zambombazo site (Love it!) where they have kindly put all the commercials together in one place.  They have even been so thoughtful as to provide a worksheet for us teachers.  ¡Gracias Zambombazo!

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