Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Un Error Muy Serio

Despite the title, I have not made any serious errors.  At least I am not aware of any at this time . . .

I decided to try my hand at making an LOL cat.  For anyone who might have missed this internet meme, LOL cats are pictures of cats with funny captions.  Most of the time the captions are made with poor spelling and grammar - my guess is that this is supposed to reflect the notion that cats do not have a good grip on the English language.

So my challenge in making one of these for my Spanish students was to make it funny without making it grammatically incorrect.  Challenge accepted!  (Another meme - I'll catch you up on that one later.)  The trick to making a funny LOL cat is not necessarily in making a silly message, but in finding a funny cat picture to start with.  How could this picture not be funny?

If I weren't so doggone busy right now, I would have made a little activity to accompany the picture and share that too.  But since time is limited and exams loom close, I'll just offer the suggestion that you use the picture as a springboard to review the present perfect tense, the irregular participle forms, or as a conversation topic for the preterite (Describe a time when you made a serious error . . . , etc.).

One of my students sent me the picture.  They are always sending these sorts of things along to me because they know my sense of humor and they think I'm a bit of a crazy cat lady.  *smile*  I tried to find the source of the original image so that I could credit it here, but this picture has taken the Internet by storm and there is no source listed for it anywhere.  I assume the kitty escaped the jar and is living happily somewhere now.

Hasta Pronto,



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