Thursday, May 10, 2012

Suplementario - Obrita con Seis Expresiones

I had meant to follow up on this before but got bogged down in a mountain of paperwork . . . you know how that goes.

For the most part, the little Six Phrase Skits were fairly formulaic and predictable.  The good thing is that the students seemed to enjoy themselves and they took the time to interact with the vocabulary in creative ways.  They also reviewed past concepts as they put their thoughts into Spanish and came to me for answers that made them go, "Oh yeah!" and "I remember that now."

One skit in particular got me laughing.  They made little protest signs as props too - very cute.

  • Sarah: ¡Qué lástimaEl centro de rehabilitación está en fuego.
  • Nico:  Sí, el IRS incendió el edificio porque ellos no pagaron los impuestos.
  • Sarah:  Vamos a participar en una marcha para protestar los altos impuestos.
  • Nico:  Me interesaría mucho participar en la marcha.
  • Sarah: Sí.  Tenemos los derechos y el IRS no debe quemar nuestros edificios.

Really, where did they think that up?  The indignation in "Sarah's" voice was adorable.  I think I'll put the Six Phrase Skit on my lesson plan at least once or twice next year.

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