Friday, May 10, 2013

La Noche Cuando Perdí el Control

Sometimes I see funnies online in English and I think that I'd love to share them with my Spanish students - if only they were in Spanish.  Other times I gather the time and energy to recaption them myself.  My graphic software is not working with my current computer and that makes me sad but, with Picassa I can add a border and a caption without any need for all the bells and whistles in CorelDraw. 

And the great thing is that this joke is funny in both English and Spanish.  Well, I think so anyway.

I'm thinking I need to find a picture (or take one) with a missing escape key too.  I could caption it "No hay escape."  Funny, right?  That one would be especially poignant on the eleventh day of class - when students are no longer allowed to drop the course. 

Buen fin de semana, amigos.  Nos vemos pronto.



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