Friday, May 24, 2013

Un Pensamiento Para Hoy

I cannot take credit for this image or for the idea behind it.  I saw the image by Risa Sin Más on Pinterest with the sentiment expressed in a comment.  It was a very profound comment that really made me sit back and think for a moment.  So I decided to caption it and repost it as a single image.

I think it would make a great starting point for a class discussion or even a resource for a writing prompt.  I know that Spanish IV talks about these sorts of issues and the new AP Spanish Language and Culture course has an entire strand called Global Challenges; this would tie into that perfectly.

I realize that solving world hunger is a very complicated matter that has to do with politics as much as it does with food, so I'm not trying to make a simplistic glib statement here.  I just believe the matter is worthy of thought.

With that, I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

Hasta pronto,



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