Friday, May 17, 2013

Un Tatuaje Genial

I don't like tattoos - at all.  Honestly I usually find them vulgar and incomprehensible.  Of course, just because they aren't my particular cup of tea, that does not mean I judge other people negatively for having them.  And every once in awhile I will acknowledge the artistic value of one, even if I wouldn't personally choose to have it on my own body.

There is a growing trend toward hyper-realistic tattoos and those are a mixed bag that runs the gamut all the way from intriguing to horrifying.  But the tattoo below just leaves me wondering why.  I saw the picture online with an English explanation but decided to redo it in Spanish - because I know my students will be fascinated.

The artist did a great job, didn't he?  I don't think I'd personally like to have a permanent pen tattooed behind my ear, but I bet this guy gets a lot of attention for it.

I hope you all have a great weekend, amigos!

Hasta pronto,



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