Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Los Colores Brillantes de México

One of the great things about being a Spanish teacher is the rainbow of colors!  I love bright colors and I also love that it's okay for me to fill my classroom with colorful textiles, piñatas, paper mache, papel picado, and whatever else I get my hands on.

Today I was browsing some photos of Mexico and I was delighted by all the colors in them, so delighted that I decided to create a Power Point presentation to showcase all the bold color of the culture.

The photos are not mine originally.  They are all available for use through Creative Commons with attribution, so I took the time to attribute each photographer with their name and a link to their Flikr page.  I am deeply grateful to these photographers who have graciously agreed to share their work which, in turn, makes it easier for me to do mine.

Wouldn't this be a great last-minutes-of-class activity, especially now that we are getting into the dark colorless time of year?  Download the Power Point and bring some bright and vivid color to your lessons!  I hope you and your students enjoy it.

Déjenme comentarios, amigos.  Me hacen muy feliz.

Hasta pronto,



Señora Pelirroja said...

I love this idea. :) I'm currently scouting more ways to incorporate culture at all turns, and this is perfect! Thanks for sharing your hard work.

~Sra. Pelirroja

Anne K said...

Muchas gracias, Sra. Pelirroja. I'm so happy that you like the Power Point. I was just dazzled with all the colors and thought to myself, "I've got to share this!" I'm humbled and grateful when people want to use my materials in their class, so thanks for the positivity. And have a happy Thanksgiving! <3 --AnneK

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