Monday, November 25, 2013

Pavos con Verbos - Otra Vez

Two years ago (Has it really been that long?) I blogged about a little project that I sometimes do with my students this time of year which I call "Verb Turkeys."  It is a creative conjugation practice activity with a Thanksgiving theme.  You can read the original post by clicking here, if you'd like.

Back then I had only just discovered Dropbox but I had little to no idea how to use it.  I spent hours trying to figure out how to upload my Power Point with the student instructions, but I wasn't able to figure it out.  I went back and updated the post today so it now has the link.

The language of the Power Point is in Spanish with step-by-step pictures so that the students can understand exactly what they need to do without resorting to giving them the instructions in English.  I also have some examples of student work in the Power Point as well.

Nowadays I can manage Dropbox well and I can't live without it in my classroom.  I have placed the Verb Turkeys Power Point there and you can download it here, or by clicking on the picture above.

The project is appropriate for students in middle or high school at beginning and intermediate levels.  (Elementary school students might be able to do it with a lot of scaffolding, provided they have already learned verb conjugation.)

I hope you can get some use out of it, amigos.   And it's always great to hear from you, so please leave a comment if you have the time or inclination.

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