Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Polls Everywhere - Otra Vez

You might recall a post I made several weeks ago about a real-time interactive web tool called Polls Everywhere.  So, I wanted to take a quick minute and update you on another success I had with it this past week.

We are studying about Machu Picchu this week in class and I had a reading for the students, some pictures, a brief video, and some comprehension activities - all fairly standard fare for a foreign language class.  We got to the end of the lesson and I was three minutes away from the bell so, on a lark, I told my students to look up one fun fact about Machu Picchu and bring it to class tomorrow.  I reminded them to use reliable sources and set them free as the bell rang.

The next day I brought up my old favorite Polls Everywhere and had the students each text in their fun facts along with their names.  What a wealth of information it was!  We watched the screen as each person's fact came up and we learned so much together.  The really fun part was that because the students had selected the facts themselves, they naturally were the kinds of facts that students in their age group found interesting.

Today we had a surprise quiz on Machu Picchu and the grades were stellar.  Win win!

Here are the questions - just in case you might want to use them in your class when you study Machu Picchu.  Students are in Spanish II (A2 for you European folks out there.).

¿Cierto o falso?

1.   Machu Picchu es una ruina de una ciudad antigua.  Cierto
2.   Machu Picchu fue construido por los Aztecas.  Falso
3.   Machu Picchu está en Brasil.  Falso
4.   Machu Picchu es un sitio arqueológico muy importante.  Cierto
5.   Los conquistadores españoles descubrieron Machu Picchu.  Falso
6.   Machu Picchu está en los Andes.  Cierto
7.   Personas de todo el mundo visitan Machu Picchu.  Cierto
8.   Hay pirámides en Machu Picchu.  Falso
9.  Machu Picchu está dividio en tres sectores: agrículo, religioso, y urbano.  Cierto
10.  Las palabras "machu picchu" son de Quechua.  Cierto

Hasta pronto, amigos



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