Thursday, October 9, 2014

La Colaboración - Google Docs

Today on Twitter I stumbled across a very interesting tweet about commercials in Spanish, and by clicking here and there I came across something wonderful - a shared document put together by Spanish teachers working collaboratively.  When someone finds a commercial they want to share, they write a transcript, and then paste the commercial URL and the transcript to the bottom of the document.  Then, everyone who accesses it can benefit from the contributions of others.  You can pop in, copy it for yourself, make a cloze activity for your class and it was so easy.  Wow.  Mind blown.

I do not know if it breaks some unwritten rule to post the URL to the shared document here or not . . . I read the introduction to the document and there wasn't anything there about keeping it a secret, so here goes:

If you are going to use their work, consider transcribing and linking a commercial yourself.  Being a contributor is a lot more fun than being a user - and you can brag to your colleagues and your administrators about your professional collaborations.   :-) 

I think someday, maybe someday soon, this sort of collaboration will be so common that this post of mine will be outdated and of no interest whatsoever.  That would actually be a good thing - seeing teachers from all over work together toward student enrichment and sharing their ideas and inspirations with one another.  We can hope!



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