Sunday, October 5, 2014

¿Trabajamos sin Pago?

My cousin Nancy Elliot, a fellow teacher, shared this with her friends on Facebook:

This struck a chord with me because it is all too true.  Teachers everywhere are putting in long hours without any overtime pay, annual bonus, or any hope of a promotion.  They do it because they care about excellence and because they want the best for their students.

I work late sometimes when I'm jazzed up about a project or a lesson that I think will bring authenticity and/or fun to my lessons.  (It's great when fun and learning coincide, which isn't always easy - you have to work for that.)  I work late when I have a lot of projects or tests to grade and my students want to know their grades the next day.  I work late when it's college application time and my students need recommendation letters.  I also work late to prepare for enrichment activities that make school more relevant and fun for my students - making sugar skulls for Day of the Dead, crafting paper flowers for a cultural display, gathering ingredients and materials for cooking lessons, and so much more.

Why do you do it?  Why do you work late without any hope for recognition or recompense?  Share your response in the comments if you like.

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