Saturday, October 18, 2014

Venta de Quesadillas

I'm exhausted . . . no lie.  Our chapter of Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica decided to raise awareness for National Hispanic Heritage Month and earn some money for our local food bank by making and selling quesadillas during lunch.

Everything should have gone splendidly except for the fact that our quesadilla sale last week got preempted due to a vehicle injury prevention program.  (The one that sets up an accident scene at your school with real firefighters and police coming in with sirens and all manner of hoopla.  It was something else!)  So we had a lot of perishables (cheese, sour cream, salsa. . . ) on hand and we had to reschedule at the last minute. 

And there was more chaos.  Our location was being used by National English Honor Society, so a new place had to be found. Cooking spray had been forgotten by someone so a frantic run to the supermarket had to be made.  Then there was all the mayhem involved with young folks crammed into a tight space with two hot griddles, a stack of money, and the necessity of keeping the food preparation area clean and sanitized.  Whew!

The call went out on the intercom and students flocked to the area and formed a long line . . . and we got to work.  We sold more than 60 quesadillas, which is impressive at a school our size - especially considering that we had to hold the event last-minute at another time and date without any sort of advertising or promotions. 

The good news is that the money was raised for our local food bank and everyone had a great time.  

This is my daughter (above), posing reluctantly, while enjoying her own quesadilla and enough sour cream for three people!  (Isn't my desk a mess?) 

I am so impressed with my students.  The idea was theirs, the organization was done primarily by them, and they maintained a great attitude throughout.  Everyone enjoyed the food and folks are hoping that we will make this a yearly event.  I think I might have the best students on the planet.  

Hasta pronto,



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