Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Prevención de la Gripe

It's flu season again and I thought it would be a good idea to discuss preventative measures with my students - in Spanish, of course.  I went online and found an example of authentic text online at espanol.flu.gov that explains, in fairly direct language, what preventative measures a person can take to avoid coming down with the flu.

Being the teacher that I am, of course I had to take it and make it into an activity.  I glossed some of the key words that I felt students needed to understand and then I created a couple of comprehension activities.   I arranged the activities from order of easy (draw pictures to show you comprehend) to medium (identify good and bad advice) to more difficult (answer the questions in Spanish).


I am going to use the article in my two community college classes (with adult learners), and with my Spanish V, Spanish IV, and Spanish III students this week.  Even with all the scaffolding in the world, I think this activity would just be a frustration to my Spanish II students.  There is a great deal of medical vocabulary (antivirales, medicamentos antifebriles, polva para inhalar. . . ), formal commands, and several examples of the subjunctive. 

I thought it was a good article of a nice length and I was pleased with how the activities turned out, so I figured I would share it here.  Ideally, my students will learn how to better take care of themselves and will also learn some Spanish at the same time.

I hope you get you and your students stay healthy this flu season, and I hope this article will be of some benefit to you.

Hasta pronto,



Lacie Moore said...

Thank you so much! This is perfect for my class that is working on health words as well as formal commands ;)

Anne Karakash said...

Hi Lacie. I'm so happy to hear that this will be useful to you! Isn't it great when vocabulary and grammar come together perfectly in something like this? It doesn't happen often, so thank you for letting me know. I hope your students like it. :-) --AnneK

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