Saturday, April 18, 2015

¿Ciudad, Campo o Costa?

Where would you prefer to live, if you had the choice: the city, the country, or the coast?  This short activity gives Spanish I students some vocabulary (much of it cognates) to talk about what is good about each place and to use the verb gustar to discuss what they like.  After talking with a partner, they can use the space at the bottom to write a few lines in Spanish.  Encourage them to use words they already know that are not on the sheet as a more authentic expression of productive language.

Ciudad, Campo o Costa by Anne Karakash

There are good things about each place, museums and shows in the city, fresh air and farm animals in the country, fresh seafood and swimming on the coast.  Those are the things I included in the activity.  I did not talk about the bad things like traffic, pollution, cow poop, or hurricanes.  Maybe that would make an amusing activity for another time?  I'm laughing thinking about it, so it probably would be very entertaining!  If I'm really feeling bold, I can use the picture below.  Ha!  (Maybe not, lol.)

But seriously now, this would be a great activity at the end of the year when you are reviewing gustar and conjugated verb + infinitive before your final exams.  Likewise, it might make a great year starter for Spanish II students who need a refresher after the summer.

Either way, I hope it is useful to you.  And, as always, if you find something here that you like and that you can use in class - it would be great to hear from you.

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Lynn Sommese said...

Looks like a fun activity.

MsJulie said...

A mí me encanta, ¡gracias!

maggiefountain said...

This can't be accessed anymore. Can you fix the link?

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