Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Las Canciones Top Ten - Una Idea

So I had this idea for a fun warm-up today that I thought the students might enjoy.  I ran it past my 16-year-old daughter and got a thumbs-up, so it's a go!

Here's what I'm going to do.  Take titles from the Top 10 and translate them into Spanish, then allow the students (beginners, mostly) to guess which songs they are.  I think they would get a kick out of it and that positivity at the beginning of the class period can make for a better learning environment for everyone.  Plus, I think the students like to know that I take the time to appreciate their music too.  (Dear lord, I sound so old when I say that.  But I have to admit, the Top 10 is no longer my music - in any sense of the phrase.)

Not all songs are going to have translations.  For example, this week's Top 10 features a Bruno Mars tune titled "Uptown Funk."  There is no Spanish, real or imagined, that will properly convey that idea.  So we'll skip that one.  :-)

Here are some of this week's Top 10 songs, as indicated by iTunes downloads:

1.  See You Again  - Te Veo Otra Vez
2.  Shut Up and Dance - Cállate y Baila (Great!  I'm doing commands this week, so this is perfect.)
3.  Uptown Funk
4.  Trap Queen - I'm gonna be honest here and say that I'm not sure what this means in English, but it sounds slightly naughty to me.  So to avoid embarrassment and inter-generational culture clash, I'm going to skip this one.
5.   Earned It - Lo Ganaste
6.  Want to Want Me - Quiero Que Me Quieras (Subjunctive!)
7.  Girl Crush - Encaprichada Con Ella (This implies a bi-sexual infatuation.  Know your audience before you bring this topic into your classroom.)
8.  Love Me Like You Do - Quiéreme Así Como Me Quieres  (You're welcome to improve on this translation if you like.  It's a tricky one.)
9.  Chains - Cadenas (Easy one!)
10.  Thinking Out Loud - Pensando En Voz Alta

Have fun with this one.  The Top 10 is a gift that keeps on giving, so you could pull this activity out every couple of weeks and it stays fresh.  Better yet, invite your students to take a try at translating some of these song titles themselves!

Hasta pronto,



Anne Karakash said...

Okay, my hubby just told me what a trap queen is. That one is definitely not one I want to discuss in my classroom and it is certainly difficult to translate as well, so it's off the list. LOL! --AnneK

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