Friday, April 24, 2015

¡Feliz Día de la Tierra! (Un día tarde...)

Happy Earth Day once again, amigos.  I am a day late but I wanted to share my Earth Day wishes with you anyway.  I found a beautiful piece of art online and an equally beautiful quote, so I put them together to make this graphic for the classroom.

And then I found these graphics too:

And this last one would make a great sorting game for beginners.  Give them the four categories and a list of objects (with pictures if they are really beginners) and have them sort the materials into the different recycling bins: papel, periódico, latas de aluminio, cartón, botellas de plástico, etc.  There is probably a game to be had there, but I'm not coming up with any game mechanics today.

(And now I see that this blog entry didn't post yesterday so I'm officially two days past Earth Day.  And so it goes.  Ah well, have a great Friday and a great weekend, amigos.)

Hasta pronto,



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