Wednesday, April 8, 2015

El Lenguaje Corporal de México - Hoja de Participación

Body language and gestures are a topic that we are covering in my 2nd and 5th period classes.  This always seems to be a fun topic because it is interesting to see what gestures are used by different cultures. 

Today I had students make gestures for the class and then we guessed what they all meant.  We had such things as: Okay, High Five, Crazy, Wait Please, What time is it?, and I'm watching you.  I also shared a couple of gestures with them that were popular in the 80s that have since fallen out of vogue.  They got a kick out of those!

I came across this cute little video on Mexican gestures on Pinterest several months ago, and today seemed the perfect time to bring it out and dust it off.  The guy on the video does a great job and he is quite charming.  It is hard not to enjoy this video - even for prickly adolescents. 

But, like most teachers, I have a coupe of students who just aren't on board unless I'm standing over them with a rubric and a phone - threatening to call their parents.  So I decided to make a participation sheet to accompany the video.  It's easy as pie for those people who are paying attention, but it will pose a challenge to anyone who cannot be bothered to pay attention.  ¡Ja!  :-)

Here is a link to the participation sheet:

The link to the video is on the sheet, but here it is again for your convenience: Fluent without Talking - Cultural Stuff

I hope this is useful to you and your students.  If so, I'd love to hear from you!

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