Friday, April 3, 2015

Español 1 ¡Olé!

Yesterday was a staff development day.  (That is a teacher workday in the Newspeak of the education world.)  I got my professional development budget and my curriculum budget done for the 2015-2016 school year, attended a couple of meetings, had lunch with my fellow Spanish teachers, and enjoyed a nice breakfast courtesy of our amazing PTA group.  But the real buzz and excitement yesterday was that the scheduling committee had our assignments for next year.  And, for the first time in five years, I get to teach Spanish 1!

Don't you just love Spanish 1?  It is the place where all of us first fell in love with the language and it is such a joy to usher young people through that journey as well.  Colors, numbers, weather, telling time, days of the week . . . ahh!  It is all so much fun.  I put about $150 worth of classroom boardgames and card games on my budget so that we can enjoy ourselves next year while we learn.

100s Chart Idea by AnneK at Confesiones y Realidades Blog

Since I was in the mood for having fun while learning Spanish, I put together a fun activity to help kids learn the numbers.  The sheet has a couple of 100s charts and the idea is that the teacher (or someone else) calls out numbers and the students color those numbers in when they hear them.  When the activity is finished correctly, there should be a picture.

I made the boxes small so that the students wouldn't take too much class time coloring them in, and I put four charts on the sheet so that you can do several of these - maybe one per day.

There are a lot of 10x10 pictures in color on the web.  If you look you can easily find them, but I wanted to keep this activity simple so I made some black and white pictures as guides.  Click on them to see them in full size or download them for use later.

Fun, right?  Oh, how I love the things you can do in Spanish 1.

Have a great weekend, amigos!



Dari said...

Love this one! I substitute for spanish classes (dual immersion, spanish 1-up). This is one I can take and do when we finish early or the assignment we are supposed to do isn't accessible (technical difficulties or ..... you understand). You could totally do it with higher numbers, too, to expand vocabulary.

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