Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Banco de Textos

While I was out and about in the blogosphere today, I came across a very interesting post on the Educación tecnológica blog about a text bank in Spanish.  With the unassuming name "Banco de Textos" it looks like a good source of authentic pulic domain texts for educators to use in their classes.

To make things better, the texts are classified by their writing style (narrativo, expositivo, descriptivo, etc.) to make relevant material easy to find.  And, the best part is that there are audio texts too.  Perfect for listening activities!  There are texts for children and for mature readers, and there is a search feature too so that you can find something appropriate for your class quickly.

I have bookmarked Banco de Textos and I hope to find excellent resources there for use in my Spanish IV and my AP Spanish classes.

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