Monday, November 28, 2011


My Spanish II students were given the task of creating a little booklet written in the preterite tense about a trip to a city.  I told them the trip could be a real trip they took or one they dreamed up on their own, and I was really thrilled with the results I got.  I think that leaving them open to interpretation allowed the creative students to do their thing but, at the same time, gave enough structure to those students who needed it.

I insisted that they make their books from scratch and I showed them a video online demonstrating how to make a simple journal to give them some guidance, but again I left a lot of the creative process in their hands.  "As long as it isn't a couple sheets of paper folded over or stapled together," I told them.   In this day of going to the craft store and finding everything there already made for you, I wanted them to get hands into this and go through the creative process themselves.  

In my classroom I keep a lot (and I mean a LOT) of craft supplies that I make available to the students.  We are also blessed at my school to have about half an hour each day, on average, for students to go to work with the teachers they need to see and help.  I had a lot of students stop by to have me read their drafts, to use craft supplies, and to solicit advice.  Hooray for them!

Part of the success in the project lies in writing a good rubric, which I believe I did this time.  I'm getting better all the time!  But that is a blog post for another day.

UPDATE 4/7/2015: Because of the requests I have received for the rubric and the project guidelines, I have posted them.  They can be found in this post: Rarito . . . y un proyecto para Español II .

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msalsich said...

I LOVE your site! So glad that I stumbled upon it. I am a high school Spanish teacher in Virginia and we're doing a unit on travel. Would you be willing to share your project description & rubric for this project?

Anne K said...

Ms. Alsich, I'm so sorry I didn't read your comment until now! I just found out that Gmail has been filtering all my feedback into my spam folder. I was feeling lonely out here in the blog world and I didn't think anyone was reading, but I'm delighted to see that you found something useful. Sadly I suppose it is too late to share the project description and the rubric with you. Please forgive me.

I wish you and your students all the best! <3 AnneK

SeñoritaShook said...

Hello! I love this project idea! Do you mind sharing the project description and rubric?

Thank you!

Mary DeLia said...

I love this project as well! Do you mind sending me your rubric and project description. My e-mail is:

Azra Loves Spanish said...

This project is great! Do you mind sending me the project description and rubric?

Anne Karakash said...

Wow! I don't think I have ever gotten three comments in a row on a post before. I feel a little uncomfortable about this - like maybe a bot is visiting my website and posting these comments. Sorry if I'm wrong about that, but the comments are all weirdly similar, and they all came in the period of two days, and they all reference this same post from three and a half years ago.

So, I tell you what I'm going to do. I will look on my computer and find the rubric and the project overview, then I will post them later tonight on a new post. I hope that will work out for everyone and I wish you all the best!


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