Thursday, November 17, 2011

El Día de Acción de Gracias

As a vegetarian and a dedicated non-sports person, I don't find much excitement in Thanksgiving.  My usual television is supplanted by football games and I have the unenviable task of creating a mega meal that will satisfy both the vegetarians and meat-eaters in our family.  

However, the idea behind Thanksgiving is taking time to reflect on the year and all the blessings that have been bestowed upon us, and that is something I can absolutely get behind - with a glad heart.  I honestly believe that living in gratitude is the key to long term happiness in life.  I do.

So as a teacher I think it behooves us to take a moment or two in class and talk about things we are grateful for - instead of just focusing on turkey and football.  In a pulic school you will want to make sure to keep religious overtones out of the discussion to every extent possible, of course.  Personally I believe that gratitude and giving thanks are universal human emotions that do not need to be linked to any particular religion.

Yes, the kids might not really get the idea.  They might tell you they are grateful for Xbox, getting to sleep late on Thursday, and not having any homework.  That's okay.  Baby steps, amigos, baby steps.

The graphics here are for you to use if you wish.  I made them from clip art I found on the web and modified for use in my classroom.  I hope you find a use for them and I hope your holiday is blessed.

Hasta pronto,



Virginia M said...

Anne - I just wanted to thank you for the time and care you take with the work you do, and that then you share it with us. I just downloaded the Nationalities Game and am looking forward to playing it with my students. I'm a late bloomer to technology, and I just started Pinteresting this year. I felt like a whole new world of resources opened up to me as a teacher, but it can still feel pretty isolated being the foreign language department in a small, outlying district. Reading your blog really helps with that and I just wanted you to know that what you do matters and is appreciated. Thanks - Virginia

Anne K said...


Wow, your comment really came to me at a time when I needed to hear it. I've been feeling especially overworked and under appreciated lately and it means the world to me to know that others out there are benefiting from my work and are grateful for it. I hope your students enjoy the game and enjoy all the work you are doing researching and collecting activities to make your class interesting. I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving!


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